Thanks for providing Steve a safe, comfortable and loving atmosphere, because according to me a child can learn and stay calm and happy only if he is feeling vibes of safety and love around him.  I am very glad that Steve is learning through art, music and different sounds.  I can say you guys are performing such a wonderful role in Steve’s development. Love to you all.


I can’t say enough about the teachers at XL Pre-school and the marvellous job they have done and continue to do.  In my experience, XL Pres-school has done so much for Nathaniel’s’ development, and I will be forever grateful.  The teachers have simply been the best, this is from the owner down to all other staff. 


I want to thank everyone at XL who had a hand in teaching my son, as his school teacher was so surprised at his level of knowledge and ability, as she put it "he is a breath of fresh air".  It is so good to know that the centre is on the right track getting the children ready for school. Well done and again, thank you. 


We have had three children go through XL preschool.  Our youngest is nearly two and is always excited and in a rush to get out of his car seat when we arrive.  As parents, we are looking for a centre with friendly, nurturing staff that would provide a home away from home for our children and give them a good foundation for starting school.  We have that at XL Preschool and appreciate everything the teachers do for our children, so we know they are well taken care of while we are working.  We are very happy with the awesome and personal service and definitely recommend XL Preschool to other families. 


As a grandmother visiting, I enjoy watching the children in the lovely varied playgrounds provided for them.  Staff are respectful and attentive to the children.  They respond thoughtfully and with warmth if a child is hurt or in distress. This healthy sense of empathy and good humour from the staff leaves me feeling my little granddaughter is in good hands.


A big thank you for getting Chloe to where she is today. Chloe would like to take you all to ‘big school’ with her.


Thank you all so much for your kindness and help. We appreciate it more than you know. You are all fantastic !



From the nomination for Papakura Couriers ‘Thanks a Bunch’ Award (2014):


All staff at this centre deserve a very, very big thank you. Our son attends the centre and absolutely loves being there. He is always made to feel special and safe and part of a bigger family within the centre.  All staff are caring and kind and dedicated to each and every child and most all fun.  What you all have done for our family is truly special and we will never forget your kindness and support.



Our close-knit team of dedicated, qualified teachers provide a cosy, home-like environment where we care for your child and encourage them to flourish.  

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