Our team are passionate about what we do: nurturing extraordinary lives. 

We have a strong positive culture, high levels of professional training and a low staff turnover.

Our families describe our staff as loving, warm, and supportive of the children and their families. 

Our strong team culture and approach results in our kids being so ‘school ready’ the teachers describe their readiness as “a breath of fresh air”. 


The reason why our centre has been around for so long is because of the nature of our staff. For all the Senior Teachers at our Centre, they have been working at our centre for an average of 11 years!!!!  This consistency is why you can expect your child to have a great experience with our centre


Our owner Lina is a childcare teacher and is an expert sought out by other Centres for understanding personal and team dynamics in growing Childcare Teachers. This expertise comes from Lina’s passion for seeing Childcare Teachers reach their true potential so they can give their best in helping to nurture child development.


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Our close-knit team of dedicated, qualified teachers provide a cosy, home-like environment where we care for your child and encourage them to flourish.  

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