Testimonial 21.05.18


Testimonial 23.12.16

Testimonial 23.12.16

Email from a Grandparent Visiting our Centre 19.10.16

Letter from one of our Parents November 2016

Email from XL Preschool Graduate in July 2016

Our daughter often speaks of the lovely ladies at XL Preschool and has great memories of her time there.

 Thank you all so much once again for showing our daughter such an awesome start in the Early Childhood sector.

A Commendation from one of our Centre Parents - emailed 16.04.2014 

This morning I was told by my sons class teacher that as of next term he would be moving up to Year 1, as the class was too full and a new group of 5 year olds were starting up in the new term too. Needless to say I am apprehensive as he has only been just over a month at school and did not want him to be overwhelmed with harder work that he was not ready for. His teacher  assured me that he was indeed ready for it and although he is the youngest of the group going over to Year 1, she felt that he was "ahead" in the sense that he knew everything that he needed to know when he started school already and seems "bored".

 She applauded how school ready he was and wanted to know if he had attended daycare. I told her that he went to XL Preschool and she commended your center on how well prepared he was and that she wished all children was able to count to 20 (forward and backwards), know their alphabet names and sounds, could communicate well and was able to recognise and write their names.

 I therefore want to thank every one at XL who had a hand in teaching my son, as his teacher was so surprised at his level of knowledge and ability, as she put it "he is a breath of fresh air". It is so good to know that the center is on the right track where getting the children ready for school is. Well Done and again Thank You. 

Thanks a Bunch!

The Team at XL Preschool were nominated for Papakura Couriers Thanks a Bunch award.  
This was published in the Papakura courier 9th March 2014.

Notes from Familys 2014


Card from one of our  Family's 13.10.15