Nurturing children in a cozy and stimulating environment, under the care and supervision of our qualified, trained, warm and loving teachers and a sound curriculum, every child at XL will have the opportunity to experience the excitement and wonder of childhood and develop a joy in discovering the world
thus becoming confident, independent life long learners.


We believe that every child is unique and extraordinary and has his/her own preferred learning style. By observing and understanding children’s learning styles and providing the nurturing learning environment, children learn effortlessly, thus making their learning process a joy.


Embracing a warm and genuine partnership/whanau enables us to provide a holistic foundation to the program thus helping us as a family,
to experience the joys of learning, Hand in Hand.


At XL Preschool, children will have the opportunity to: 

Learn with and alongside adults and other children
Feel good about who they are.
Follow routines, limits and boundaries
Be Creative and expressive
Become more Independent and develop self-help skills
Develop physical Self-confidence
Learn more about Math and Literacy
Discover the world around us.
Learn about their local community, different Cultures
Have Fun and develop a love for learning
Respect and Learning about our environment with our recycling program



“We Nurture Extraordinary Lives”